Thursday, 6 August 2009

Following a frank discussion about squirrels... boyfriend’s 7 year old daughter took the conversation on a tangent:

RUBY: ‘Will Trudi be there when I get home from school tonight...?’

RICH: ‘No...she will be at her office as she has to work in London.’

RUBY: ‘Oh.’

RICH: ‘Did you want to see her...?’

RUBY: ‘Yes.’

RICH: ‘It's raining and Trudi still has my umbrella....’ *stares at rain*

RUBY: ‘Did she walk all the way to her office today, didn't she get on the train to London...?’

RICH: ‘She got on the train and then got on the tube.’
RUBY: *thinks* ‘What does she actually do at her office....?’

RICH: ‘Well, she puts together adverts. She works in advertising. You know, you see them in magazines and on the TV... sometimes... they are adverts for mobile phones and cars.’

RUBY: ‘Oh. So she is like Ugly Betty then......?’

RICH: *!!!!!!!!!!!!*

A few points I’d like to clarify.

1) We live in Herfordshire. I work in central London. It would be a long old walk to work.
2) I work for a design agency, not in advertising. I have never worked in advertising. The agency I work for does admittedly share a name with a large advertising agency but still...
3) I look nothing like Ugly Betty (I hope).

4) The Ad Contrarian ranks Branding Consultants at number 5 in the list of top 10 bullshit profession. Ad executives are at 8. Maybe being mistaken for working in advertising rather than design is not such a bad thing. But being described as ‘like Ugly Betty’ on the other hand...


  1. You know what Bill Cosby says Trudi: "Kids say the darndest things!"

    As for the Ad Contraian's list of bullshit professions -- what about Feng Shui consultant, Crystal healer or Homeopath? What about Food Stylist or Manufacturer of pet clothing?!

  2. Crystal Healer has to top that list Linus.