Monday, 26 October 2009

ffffound on ffffound

I just found this photo of Keith Haring painting on ffffound.

I saw more of his work in the Pop Life exhibition at the Tate Modern on Sunday. His Pop Shop was ace, in fact, I was pretty impressed by the whole exhibition. I'm not normally much of a Damien Hirst fan, but I was intrigued by the recreation of his work from the 1992 Cologne Unfair Art Fair, where a pair of identical twins sat beneath 2 of his spot paintings. I'm not sure if it was the fact that they looked at you but didn't speak, or that whenever I looked at them, they looked up at me, but it was a pretty disruptive experience in the show and one i'd recommend going to see.


  1. you popped up on my blogroll,
    you went to see it?
    this room was wicked!
    did they have a djay playing music aswell?

  2. Yep, loved it. Went on Sunday.
    Check out the sketchbook section of
    Think you will like it :)