Saturday, 17 October 2009


My Mum has been retiring for many years now but never quite manages to. Her latest venture is making and selling beautiful scarves with her friend Julie. They unexpectedly sold a batch to a local shop and needed to come up with a name for their scarf company quickly. My Mum's name is Viv, so that combined with Julie, and they came up with 'Juvi'. My Mum made me promise not to laugh when she told me the name, but quite to the contrary, it reminded me of a Paul Arden quote from 'Whatever you think think the opposite'.

'In 1881 George Eastman, a junior clerk, left his safe job in a local bank to start a photographic company.

But here is the interesting part.

Seven years later he changed its name to 'Kodak', an odd choice since it was meaningless and in those days nobody gave random names to serious products. Eastman's reasons for choosing the name were that it was short; that it was not open to mispronunciation; and it could not be associated with anything else.

Even today, corporations cannot think like that.

Only entrepreneurs can'

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