Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wednesday lectures

Most Wednesdays we have a lecture in the afternoon, usually from a practicing illustrator.

The first week's lecture was from Alexis Deacon. He talked about his books 'Slow Loris' and 'Beegu' (amongst others, but these are my favourites). His voice when speaking Beegu's language was hilarious. Alexis explained a few really simple things that should be glaringly obvious (but weren't - to me anyway) for example, drawing smaller and the fact that if you can see the whole drawing at once, you'll find it a lot easier, especially on location. Simple when you know!

Our second lecture was from Morag Styles who is a reader in Children's Literature and Education at Cambridge University. She talked about Anthony Browne's book ZOO and the research she did in schools using the book. The drawings that children did of the book after having read it showed amazing empathy and understanding of the subtleties of the book that I doubt would be so obvious to an adult reader.

The third lecture in the series was from John Lawrence who talked about his illustrations for Treasure Island. He also layed out all of his previous books and his sketchbooks for us to look through after the lecture. Amazing. And such a sweet man.

An exhibition of John's work for Treasure Island is on show at the Illustration cupboard from the 27th October to the 15th November. Check the website out here.

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