Monday, 30 November 2009

Screen Printing Disasters

Last Wednesday I had a refresher in screen printing and i've been working on a drawing this week to print. It's a row of garages in Harlow which I find utterly beautiful. They are all blue apart from one red one. Anyway, my attempt to put the drawing on to the screen today was a bit of a disaster for various reasons so for the mean time i'll leave you with some David Hughes amazingness. He has an exhibition on in Cambridge at the moment. Bye for now bloggers.


  1. awh trudi! put them up i want to see!
    for a minute i was like.. she didnt do that one,
    well our troods is pretty talented!
    hope your weeks going good
    see you on fridayyy

    isss xoxo

  2. haha! I wish! I will upload some when I eventually get something printed...

    Check out David Hughes' work - I think you'll like it. He has a new book coming out soon.

    See you Friday lovely XXX

  3. ahah cool :)
    i have started my own project..
    need your help over the weekend!

    will do! for now i have an essay to write about inuits!
    laterss xoxo

  4. No worries, look forward to seeing it! Don't work too late :) XXX