Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lot Six

Last week my work was featured on Lot Six.

Lot Six is a global society of storytellers that is dedicated to creating vast and refreshing stories that educate, inspire and entertain. The Society is made up of artists, designers, journalists, filmmakers, corporate brands and other types of "storytellers" that share similar interests and wish to use those shared interests to create coordinated experiences.

Lot Six is a movement that celebrates creative ingenuity and artistic expression in all of their glorious shapes, forms and fashions. The people and brands that make up the Lot Six community understand the implications of co-authorship and the impact collaborations will have on the experiences they create.  As a result, the Lot Six ecosystem is made up of content creators who stand ready to push the boundaries of their own creative pursuits by helping you with yours.

Watch this space :)

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