Saturday, 1 March 2014

What about me? Put yourself in the picture

I was very happy to be asked to be part of an Inclusive Minds workshop at the Imagine Children's Festival during half term. It was a day of fun, imagination and creativity, focusing on making books inclusive of, and accessible for, everyone (you can read the full Inclusive Minds post on the event here).

I spent the afternoon with children drawing on a giant canvas and helping them to put themselves in to picture books. One girl even put me in to my book! Later in the afternoon, an excellent panel discussion with Sue Baker (Child's Play), Jane Ray (illustrator) and Fen Coles (Letterbox Library), chaired by Zara Todd provided lots of thought provoking discussion around what is 'normal' in children's books. The event was super busy and great fun was had by all. As an illustrator, it was an invaluable day for me to be a part of and one which has already had a profound impact on the way I approach my work. Thank you Inclusive Minds!